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Wedding roses and decoration ideas

Flower arrangements are an integral component to a beautiful wedding. The flower you choose and the way it is used and arranged will influence the overall feel of your ceremony. Here we will provide basic tips on how to use roses in wedding decorations, so your display will look amazing.

Roses have long been a symbol of love and passion and are an obvious choice for a wedding. Even if you combine your roses with other flowers, it’s difficult to go wrong when using the rose as your primary flower.

Wedding roses and decoration ideas

Wedding rose colors and their meaning

Imagine a wedding decorated with bright red roses. Now imagine the same wedding decorated with white roses. Would it have a different feel? Inevitably, yes. The color of rose you select will alter the overall look and feel of the wedding space. Colors carry connotations, and here are what different rose colors may signify:

Red Rose

Of all the rose colors, the red rose is most attributed to the lover and passion, although it is also attributed to courage and respect. It is considered the romantic rose, an aphrodisiac among flowers. It makes sense that this would be the most widely used rose color in weddings, along with the white rose.

White Rose

In contrast to a red rose, a white rose signifies purity, innocence, serenity, respect and humility. From a more traditional perspective, perhaps the purity embodies that of the virgin to be wed. Nowadays, it gives the wedding a more elegant touch and also makes it easy to add pops of color in other decorations, or within the flower arrangement itself.

Orange Rose

Another popular color used in weddings is orange. This might be combined with fuschia colors and the overall energy emitted is one of excitement, desire and creativity. This color might be used by less traditional folk that want their wedding to be an exciting celebration and not just a ceremony.

Do you want to explore other rose color options? Make sure to visit our selection of roses, many of which are offered in two-tones.

Decoration ideas – the basics of interior decoration

As with other types of interior (or exterior) decoration, wedding decoration requires a good eye for composition, as well as color combination. An essential tool in this process is Pinterest, where you will find endless wedding decoration tips, specifically when using roses. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Roses decoration ideas

Composition: As with photography, many composition guidelines can, and should, be applied in interior decoration.

Framing: While the couple-to-be-wed will be the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony, the way the whole scene frames them for a picture-perfect moment is our goal in decorating the space. Framing draws the eye inwards to the main subject and makes for flawless wedding photos. Some great ways to frame your wedding couple in an image, include using flower arrangements to the left or right of the couple, even with the couple in between a flower arrangements and their wedding cake. When outdoors, use trees to frame the moment and capture a postcard perfect image.

Symmetry, pattern and lines: Consider the perspective of the wedding guests as they walk into the ceremony space, be it church or outdoor space. As you enter the space, you’ll find before you a beautifully decorated aisle, covered in rose petals and leading to the centerpiece of the ceremony.

One half of the scene is reflected perfectly in the other half, and the small rose bouquets tied to the chairs along the center aisle create lines, leading our eyes up to the podium.

Rule of thirds: The rule of thirds suggest you divide your composition into nine sections using vertical and horizontal lines. The most important elements (the couple-to-be-wed) should be the center or where the lines intersect. You can place any horizontal division of the scene (the horizon, if outdoors, or a stage, if indoors) along one of the horizontal lines of the grid, and any vertical subjects, like trees or columns, can be aligned with the vertical lines of the grid.

Decorating with wedding roses

Rose wedding decoration ideas are endless, but here are a couple easy-to-apply suggestions to get the ideas rolling. There’s more to decorating with roses than the typical rose bouquet!

Roses on water

While rose bouquets are the usual approach to wedding table decorations, floating flowers are a great alternative for a number of reasons. 

The first being, you don’t need a whole bouquet to make these look beautiful. Just a few flowering rose buds mixed with floating candles (if it’s an evening event), and even some chrysanthemums, and you’ve got a centerpiece! Second, consider using a unique glass or ceramic vessel for this. Also, since these are low in height, they don’t interfere with conversations between guests at the table. And, finally, it’s a great way to ensure your roses last longer.

Roses on water

Carefully select your vessels

Often, more thought is put into the flower type and flower arrangement than the vessel to hold these. Yet, the vessels you choose will add to the overall feel of your decorations and space. 

For instance, if you’re going for a more vintage feel, you could use old watering cans to hold your roses, or an antique champagne bucket. For a more rural feel, you might use baskets instead. Or for something more subtle, you can select transparent, glass vessels.

As tempting as it might be to give a wedding planner full responsibility over your wedding flower decorations, remember that this element of a wedding  ceremony carries more meaning than you might imagine! 

Select the perfect roses

Use some of these tips and take the time to participate in its planning to ensure your wedding is a representation of you, your partner and your shared relationship.

Check out our beautiful rose options! From traditional red and white to two-tone, we have many to choose from.

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