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Valentine’s Day roses

Throughout the year, different holidays and events call for specific flowers. During Christmas, your flower of choice might be a poinsettia. In Easter, a popular flower to use is the white lily, which represents divinity and hope. A bouquet of wildflowers in the summer conveys its freedom and warmth. Meanwhile, on Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with an all-time favorite: the rose.

Valentine’s Day roses

When did roses become a symbol for love?

People often wonder about the origins of the rose and its meaning. How were they initially used and what made them the classic symbol of romance?

Though it’s unclear when the rose was first used symbolically, Buddhist and Confucius texts include references to the rose and its delicate and intricate design, often used as a representation of spiritual unfolding. Roses were also found in ancient Egyptian tombs, likely placed there as offerings for the deceased.

In Greek mythology, the rose is linked to the goddess of love, Aphrodite. In the Bible, numerous biblical references to the rose are made in conjunction with either the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ.

Symbol of love

In Roman times, newly married couples would be crowned with roses and, today, much remains the same; Valentine’s Day couples, as well as couples-to-be-wed, rely on the rose to symbolize the state of their heart.

How to choose your Valentine’s Day rose

Though the rose is a universal symbol for love, passion and romance, rose variants will send different messages to your significant other. What is the underlying message you want to send with your rose bouquet?

At Flower Republic, we have a handful of Valentine Day Rose bouquets especially prepared for this special day.

Coco – Like the tropical coconut, our Coco Roses are a pure and exquisite white tone, symbolizing the purity and innocence of love. This bouquet evokes impeccable, natural elegance wherever it is placed and is a great choice if your significant other tends to be selective about the colors they use to decorate their home or office.

Sangria – Our Sangría Roses are the epitome of passion. Their deep red coloring are reminiscent of luscious, red lips, – it’s the kind of rose a spirited Flamenco dancer holds between their teeth. Whether yours is a new love or an age-old one, you can’t go wrong with this bouquet on Valentine’s Day.

Sangria Roses

Pink Lemonade – Our two-toned Pink Lemonade bouquet emits a slightly different message, but an equal amount of affection. Pink is a color that conveys gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy. It is light-hearted, versatile and, dare I say.. somewhat.ambiguous? This is a flower you can give to your partner or close friend that will make them feel appreciated and loved.

Additional rose colors we haven’t covered include orange and yellow. Though much less common during Valentine’s Day, these roses carry meaning as well. The orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm combined with passion, while the yellow rose represents friendship. Keep this in mind as you select the roses for your Valentine’s Day bouquet; you don’t want to accidentally present a yellow rose to someone who deserves a red one!

Color of roses

Do you want to explore other rose color options? Make sure to visit the rest of our Valentine’s Day rose selection.

How many Valentine’s Day roses should you give your significant other?

We humans like to weave meaning into every aspect of life. Not only does the rose and its color carry meaning, the number of roses you decide to gift your significant other also conveys a message.

One Red Rose

It might be tempting to buy an entire, beautiful bouquet of roses for this special day, but sometimes less is more. A single red rose conveys a clear message: “I love you”. If you’re not ready to say this, read on!

Two Red Roses

Two red roses symbolize the love and affection that is shared between two individuals. It depicts union and partnership and, potentially, an upcoming engagement or marriage.

Twelve Red Roses

Jumping to the perfect dozen, 12 red roses symbolize the 12 months of the year and perpetuity of your love for your partner. If the idea of a single rose intimidates you, go with this; twelve roses create the classic bouquet.

Twenty Five Red Roses

Sending twenty five red roses to a loved one is a grand statement and is guaranteed to impress. To make this gift even more memorable, consider sending your roses in a delicate wooden box.

Seventy Five Red Roses

When you send Seventy Five Red Roses, you’re gushing, and that’s absolutely fine. You’re not afraid to express the overflowing love and affection you have for your partner, and you’re not afraid of its cost, either.

Now that you’ve learned more about the meaning of a Valentine’s Day rose, what will your preferred combination be as you select a bouquet for your Valentine? What color and number will you choose? Remember to consider the message you want to convey!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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