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A Valentine’s Day perfect gift

Every year, in the days leading up to February 14th, we’re faced with the same conundrum. What should I buy for my valentine? What is a Valentine’s Day perfect gift?

Don’t worry, we have a few ideas to inspire you as you branstorm gift ideas for your partner. Alternatively, if you aren’t in a relationship, consider getting some of these gifts for yourself – it’s called self-care!

14th February

Tips to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Usually, by the time we go out and look for our partner’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift, it’s too late. The pressure of coming up with and finding this gift is too high and we end up empty handed. That’s why you really need to know the person you are buying for. 

You might be thinking, but they’re my partner, I already know them really well! Perhaps, but do you remember all their quirks, preferences and desires? 

Throughout the year, we, as well as our partners, drop hints about what we’d like to buy or experience. As a good partner, part of your job (apart from the emotional support, acts of service and all the other expressions of love…) is to listen when these desires are communicated and possibly even jot them down in a secret notebook (or on your phone) in a non-stalkery way.

By the time February 14th materializes, you will have options to choose from, not only that, you will leave your partner pleasantly surprised, impressed AND convinced they’ve found the love of their life.

Our top 5 Valentine’s Day (perfect) gifts

An original expression of your love

These days, no one is truly that original. It is much easier to buy something than make it. Making something, however, shows thought, takes time and effort. Those three elements are packaged into your Valentine’s Day gift when you present it to your loved one.

An original expression of your love might depend on your skills and talents. Perhaps you’re a good illustrator or musician. You might consider composing a sweet song for your lover and having a few friends accompany you as you perform it. If you like to draw or paint, you might consider creating something you know your partner will like, or something that carries meaning for both of you as a couple.

Spa day and couples massage

As cliché as this one might sound, there’s no denying it, everyone loves a good pampering. You can either make this a couples activity or generously gift your partner with a solo day of self-care. We can all use one of those.

Make sure it includes all the things your partner likes and, if in doubt, aim for the full-works. You might, for example, go for a package that includes a massage, facial, manicure and / or pedicure. Of course, it all depends on your budget, but make sure they feel like royalty by the time they leave the spa!

A home-cooked romantic meal

Nothing says I love you like a home-cooked meal. To top it off, make sure to cook something you know your partner loves. 

A dish you once had on a trip together might be a nice way to remind your partner of the adventures you shared, while a dish from your partner’s homeland will remind them of their family and culture.

Whatever it may be, make sure you plan enough time to get all the right ingredients and cook the meal. Many home-cooked meals, especially international delicacies, require hard-to-find ingredients or simply a lot of time! Factor this in as you plan for that special day.


Again another Valentine’s Day cliché, but what flower says I LOVE YOU like the rose? To take this Valentine’s Day gift to the next level, buy a bouquet of Flower Republic roses (from our farm to your home) and, hidden between its stems, place two round-trip tickets to the Galapagos Islands… we might have gotten a little carried away here, BUT how great would that be?! 


Surprise couples getaway

Along the same lines as the previous gift, a surprise getaway ensures a special, and memorable, way to spend your Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t have to be as grand a gesture as a trip to the Galapagos Islands, but think about any nearby places you both have wanted to visit, but never quite made the time. 

A great touch would be if you left a note in a bunch of roses describing what the plans are for the day OR even keep it a mystery and make the destination a secret, complete with romantic dinner at the end. 

surprise getaway

Good luck with the Valentine’s Day planning and check out our beautiful rose options today! 

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