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4-Tips for amazing Valentine’s Day sex

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be wondering what you should get for your partner. However, the best thing you could gift them (and yourself) may be a night of amazing love making. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to spice things up on this romantic date. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s together, or you don’t remember how many you’ve shared, these tips are sure to help you have an unforgettable night.

1. Talk about sex.

Take some time to talk to your partner and open up about your wants and needs when it comes to your sex life. You may be in a long-term relationship and fallen into a routine, or you may have just started dating a new person. Either way, talking about sex, and most importantly, listening to what your partner has to say can help you have an amazing night on Valentine’s Day, and improve your sex life all together.

2. Abstain a bit before the date.

Don’t have sex for a couple of days before Valentine’s. It may be hard to do so, but it’s a sure method to raise the sexual tension. Bonus points if you send her a sexy message before you see each other that day. This creates a buildup that will make the night more special.

3. Don’t rush into it.

Great sex begins with thoughtful preparation. Create a relaxing environment by decorating the room with flower bouquets, rose petals and candles. Give her a back massage with scented oils. Don’t underestimate the power of kissing and foreplay. If you think it’s been long enough, do it some more. The time you spend tending to details will surely pay off in the long run.

4. Try a fantasy or kink.

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to open up to your partner about sexual fantasies or kinks you would like to try. It could be something as simple as bringing a toy into the bedroom or gifting her sexy lingering. You won’t believe how much this can spice things up!

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