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Making Flowers A Tradition

It’s a happy new year for all! And, to start off 2020, why not make a new tradition for your family – the tradition of flower giving.

Offering loved ones flowers is found not just in America when you think of Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but it is found all over the world in a variety of cultures. These different families give each other specific flowers to show how they feel and express appreciation for those around them.

How can you intertwine these practices into your own family? It’s best to first understand what determines each tradition. This includes color, the number of flowers, and the type. They all symbolize different things so you can pick and choose what elements you want to take on for your own family.

flower bouquet


The different colors of flowers can have vastly different and significant meanings depending on the culture. However, here are some common meanings:

White – Marriage and Rebirth (in Germany, they are often times used as funeral flowers).

Red – Love, perseverance, continuity, and immortality.

Yellow – Joy, luxury, glory, and success

Blue – Freedom and a celebration as the perfect spring-time gift

Pink – Sweet emotions, intimacy, and admiration

So, as you can see, choosing one or multiple flowers with these different colors can help your family create their own way of telling each other how they feel or celebrating key events in each other’s lives.

single yellow rose


Beyond just the color, numbers matter too. In some cultures, some numbers are bad luck while others are the opposite. For example:

1 Flower – Perfect for romantic situations

Odd numbers – Seen as good luck

Take this idea to heart and see if your family can create a similar tradition. Is there a number that is symbolic to all of you? It may be a good idea to give flowers in that number grouping to show care and love for each other.

pink lillies


If you are familiar at all with flowers then it should come as no surprise that the type of flower is usually the most symbolic. Most flowers have a specific type of event or emotion they are associated with and it can mean a lot when presenting or giving to another person. Here are some of the most common types and what they mean:

Rose – Passion, love, and a strong desire for victory. In some cultures these are also used to represent and praise saints or other religious figures.

Lily – Celebration of springtime and to bestow good luck.

Daisy – Innocence and purity

Sunflower – Adoration, loyalty, and longevity

Now that you have a few ideas about different flower symbolism, discuss with your family and get their thoughts. See what ideas you can create to form your own traditions to kick off the new year. And, order through Flower Republic to select and deliver the perfect bouquets for years to come.

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