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The billion-dollar floral industry is notorious for its unethical and unsustainable practices, yet these practices have prevailed because, up until now, alternative models haven’t existed. Only recently have floral companies, like Flower Republic, begun to redefine the flower production and delivery approach. The result: farm-to-table roses.

So let us explain what farm-to-table roses means and why supporting this approach, rather than the conventional system, benefits the growers and you, the end consumer.

farm fresh red rose

What are farm-to-table roses

How are farm-to-table roses any different from other roses in the floral industry?

Normally, within the floral production and delivery process, there’s a huge loss. The traditional supply chain involves warehouses, importers, distributors and more. Flowers often die in transit, if not during storage. In fact, 1 out of every 3 flowers is usually lost through transit and the rest of the supply chain. If flowers aren’t sent quickly, they soon wilt and end up in the trash.

Also, since there are middle-men involved, pinpointing the origins of flowers can be difficult and, in the same way, determining whether the flowers were ethically sourced is nearly impossible. This is the case with most online flower delivery companies.

The farm-to-table flower movement, however, changes that.

Instead of relying on middle-men, companies that produce the flowers also deliver them directly to you, the customer! This model ensures longevity and quality of the product, while preserving the integrity of its ethical origins.

With the farm-to-table model, flowers are fresh, which is better for the environment, as well as you, the customer!

farm to table white roses


Why we need to support farm-to-table flower companies

The farm-to-table movement is disrupting the flower movement, proving that there is a need for a better, more ethical and eco-friendly system.

Every ethical flower producing company will have an impact on the environment, that’s simply a given. Transporting flowers from Ecuador to the United States has an impact on the environment, there’s no denying it. What is important is offsetting this impact through other sustainable practices.

At Flower Republic, we’ve developed an approach to get hand-picked flower bouquets from Ecuador directly to your doorstep. To offset the environmental impact of carbon emissions caused by this delivery method, we have committed to Ecuador’s reforestation, planting a tree for every bouquet we sell.

Our sustainable model keeps costs down for you, the customer, and reduces overall environmental impact. By comparison, the impact of our farm-to-table roses, as well as other companies that follow this model, will be much less than that of conventional companies.

Over time, if the demand for more ethically-sourced and produced flowers increases, systems will too.

Our top selection of farm-to-table roses

Let me introduce a few of our top selling farm-to-table roses:

Dawn – This two-toned, free-spirited rose is named after the dawn colors seen from our fields in Ecuador. It has a light-hearted, spring feel and works perfectly in well-lit, open living spaces.

Sangría – Our Sangría Rose is the epitome of passion. Its remarkable deep red tones add an element of sophistication to just about any environment or send a kiss of love to the recipient.

Flamingo – Named after the unusual and vibrantly colored bird, our Flamingo Roses are sure to liven up a day, event or simply share an expression of love to the recipient! These trendy roses are perfect for bridal showers, quinceañeras and other parties.

Coco – This elegant white rose is a versatile addition to any gathering and is especially flattering in weddings, religious ceremonies and luxury events. It’s name is short for coconut, as expressed in its rich white petals.

farm to table roses

In closing…

There’s no denying it, we’re facing an environmental crisis that is forcing us to reconsider our approach to production, and that includes the floral industry.

The farm-to-table movement, which also applies to the food and restaurant industry, as well as rose production, is a necessary adaptation to conventional production and delivery models.

Farm-to-table roses are a luxury, and may not always be an option. In light of that, we also offer Everlasting Roses, which can last over a year. These are real specimens that have been treated to preserve the flower in its natural state.

Get in touch through our Facebook page to learn more about our production process, our team and our roses. We’re happy to provide suggestions on the care of your roses, as well as how to arrange and combine them within your home space or any upcoming event. Drop us a line today!

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